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Norton in Baltimore

Any silly geese going to see The Legend perform this weekend at the Baltimore Improv? I'm driving with some friends from Long Island because we are all dedicated losers. I'm also covering one of the Saturday night shows for http://cringehumor.net

So, if you're going please reply and maybe we can meet up & do some man-to-man comparing
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lol that icon is hilarious.
he's such a handsome l'il prom date
hey man,
I don't have much to say but i wanted to let you know i love your site. I am a very big fan of cringehumor.net and everything about it. Alot of the time, i feel like i'm the only one around who really hates hacks of all kinds. It so refreshing to be able to go to your site and see someone making fun of a hack like dat phan. Especially when people around me are recomennding "the perfect score" that god awful looking mtv movie. Thank you for bringing the hacks to justice.